Top Tips for Family Home Buyers

Buying a new home is not an easy task like buying a dream car such as 2017 Nissan Pathfinder. Whatever area of the country you are planning to buy in, there will always be difficulties that need to be overcome if you are to get the perfect home for you and your family.

Here are some tips to follow if you’re planning to a buy a home for you and your family.


The first hurdle you’ll encounter when buying a family home is the price. Young buyers often struggle to put together enough money to secure a deposit on their ideal home. With the introduction of the governments new HelptoBuy scheme these difficulties have been alleviated to a certain extent but competition for homes in areas close to good transport links and amenities can still be intense.

Top tip: set a realistic budget for your family home based on current market values and behaviours. Take advantage of relevant schemes to aid your purchase where possible.


There are a number of things you should be attentive to when looking to buy a new home. The first and perhaps most important aspect to be aware of is the location. Whether a house is close to the local train station or the shops will be a crucial factor for many buyers. How close the house is to neighbouring houses and whether it’s detached or semi-detached will be equally important.

A low local crime rate and good educational and health provision will also be high on most people’s priority list. It’s not always easy for all of these preferences to come together in one neighbourhood and when they do house prices are usually pushed up as a result.

New Elan Homes in Manchester are a great example of the types of new developments available to prospective buyers. They are sold in key locations to attract buyers and offer everything you need in a home.

Top tip: produce a list of key features you expect from the location of your new home and conduct thorough research to find areas which tick all these boxes. Only compromise on features you’re willing to sacrifice/are of a lower priority and seek the help of experts like Elan Homes when making your choice.


Also crucial to new homebuyers is the state which the house they are buying is in. With many homes needing structural repairs and new fittings, these extras can add a great deal onto the original price.

This is especially true of older houses which may appear to be in good repair but could actually be harbouring flaky paintwork and leaky sinks.

Top tip: inspect prospective properties thoroughly before committing to a sale and have independent evaluations made to provide assurance over structural stability etc.

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