The Importance of Expert Roofing in Michigan

While expert roofing professionals are vital to repair and reinstall roofs properly in all climates and environments, Roofing Grandville and West Michigan weather can be particularly challenging. The summer heat is only eclipsed by the severity of Michigan winters.

These massive temperature swings and severe summer and winter storms often wreak havoc on residential and commercial roofing systems. It is imperative that property owners only hire experienced roofing companies to perform repairs and maintenance.

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Popular Roofing Materials’Lifespans in Grand Rapids and West Michigan

Roofing materials facing West Michigan weather have different lifespans and costs.  The following types of materials are the most popular, while their lifespans are varied.

  • Asphalt shingles are the most popular in Grand Rapids and around the rest of the nation. They are so common typically because of their low cost. This affordability comes with the shortest lifespans, around 20 years, while they sometimes develop leaks. These materials are welcomed by homeowners with plans to move within this lifespan.
  • Clay tiles are popular with property owners who want roof material longevity. Although these materials are more popular in one- or two-season (warm) climates, these tiles typically have lifespans of around 50 to 100 years when they are properly and regularly maintained. Their longevity attributes include the ability to withstand conditions that cause asphalt shingles to sometimes rot or endure termite infestations.
  • Slate tiles similar to clay tiles, are constructed with natural stone. These materials have average lives of 150 years, but sometimes last over 200 years (maybe longer than a home or commercial building). When roofers repair fractures, flaking, or crumbling, these tiles have long useful lives.
  • Metal roofs available in steel, aluminum or copper, are popular, particularly on many commercial structures. Aluminum roofs should last around 50 years, while steel should last 70 years on average. Copper roofing have an average lifespan of approximately 100 years.
  • Wood shakes are popular options for homes with many ‘miles’ on them. Popular for aesthetics for older homes, they enhance the curb appeal of older structures. Their lifespans mirror asphalt shingles, around 30 years, but are susceptible to rotting, insects, and, unfortunately, fires if left untreated for fire retardant chemicals.

Regardless of Chosen Materials, Top Professional Roofers Should Install and Maintain

Another roofing material common to flat roofs on commercial buildings is rubber membrane covering, which enjoys a lifespan of around 40 to 50 years if regularly maintained. Roofing grand rapids with all materials must be expertly installed by experienced roofing contractors.

The West Michigan weather demands expert roof repairs and/or installation. Fortunately, most experienced, outstanding roofers are well aware of their local environment and its most common risks to roofing systems.

The best West Michigan roof contractors, like Premier Roofing Experts, understand the importance of expert roof installation, repairs, and quality maintenance. Remember the old (effective) brand slogan, “Pay me now – or pay me later?”While the subject of this ad campaign was motor oil, it also pertains property owners’ roofing systems as well.

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