Recent Earthquakes Cause For Concern for Commercial Property Owners

After the recent earthquakes in Oklahoma, Oklahoma State Senator Jerry Ellis is calling for a task force to look into why we’ve had nearly 900 earthquakes in the past year.

In a recent article on, Sen. Jerry Ellis stated he is convinced many of the quakes are connected to injection and wastewater wells. He says something needs to be done before it’s too late.

Chad Westbrook, National Service Director at Saratoga Roofing and Construction is concerned with the damage caused to commercial property in Oklahoma. Damage that will go unseen without proper inspection. “The buildings may not have fallen down but building movement is the second leading cause of roof leaks,” said Westbrook.

Building movement is ranked No. 2 only behind foot traffic for major commercial roof leaks. Seams can be opened, loose items on the roof can puncture the structure and debris can fall if not properly secured,” said Westbrook.

Saratoga Roofing is offering Oklahoma commerical property owners a FREE roof inspection through their Inspect Oklahoma Program.

“We are committed to Oklahoma and we are doing everything we can to protect our local companies,” said Denver Green, President at Saratoga Roofing.

As of June 16, 2014, California had recorded about 140 quakes of 3.0-magnitude or greater, compared with Oklahoma’s 207.

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