Commercial Roofing: Estimating Team Part of our Success

Estimating plays a huge part in being a successful commercial roofing company.

Hunter Green, Director of Estimating

There are a lot of things going on at Saratoga Roofing these days.  The company has been named to the 2014 Metro 50, Inc. 500, earned the Firestone Master Contractor award, Top 100 Roofing Contractors and received the Entrepreneurial Excellence in Oklahoma award from the Oklahoma Department of Labor.  And it took teamwork and dedicated employees to earn these prestigious awards.

“At Saratoga Roofing, we employ the best and brightest team in the industry and provide them with the tools and technology to help them succeed,” said Denver Green, President of Saratoga.

One area that contributes to the success at Saratoga is the Estimating Team.  ”Currently we have 4 estimators that handle all of the bidding for Saratoga,” said Hunter Green Director of Estimating.  ”The amount of square footage we estimate annually is approximately 30 to 40 million square feet, if not more.  And we typically send out 40 to 50 million dollars a month in bids,” Green said.

Hunter gives a lot of credit to his team and The Edge.  The Edge is the estimating software used by the Saratoga Roofing.  This software has been instrumental in our success and provided the team with:

  • The ability to quickly archive historic data that can be utilized on new bid opportunities.
  • The Edge interfaces with the Saratoga accounting system and payroll department allowing valuable data sharing and enhanced managerial capabilities.

Saratoga is on pace to execute over 2,500 estimates in 2014.

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