4-5Ws of Roofing

Whether you’re looking for metal or asphalt roofing shingles, one must first be concerned about the ‘who’ in the entire repair or replace scenario. More often than not, people consider residential metal roofing restoration can be accomplished with the simple DIY process. Unfortunately, this type of tweaking requires more than the handyman in each and every one of us—especially when you’re dealing with metal roof repairs. Thousands. This is the estimated cost of a repair. From the materials to the labor, this could easily double. Having an experienced professional (with at least 4 to 5 years under his belt) at your side may serve as a wet blanket to keep you from burning a whole in your pocket.

Referrals and recommendations. By word of mouth, a reputation can be built or crushed. A satisfied customer willingly puts a good word for a well-executed task. Spare some time to contact roofers and contractors, ask about their past projects. If the roofer’s schedule is wide open, though the chance of this happening is slim, do a drive-by assessment of the projects he accomplished. A meet-up with the prospective roofer/s is (for me) a necessity. There are aspects that may be gauge by the way he speaks, by the way he clothes himself and by the Roof repairs way he carry out business. Give him a detailed plan with what you want done. Ask for estimates—have at least 2 different roofers/contractors do the estimate. There are a lot offering free estimates, I suggest you take that opportunity. Put everything in writing.

With the roofer selected, let us now touch the subject of the ‘what’ or the materials. Nowadays, residential metal roofs rule the sky in terms of longevity and durability, while asphalt shingles are the chosen ones in terms of installation. Actually, there is a variety when it comes to roofing. Entering the scene is Roof repairs the green roof. This is favored not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its functionality. This kind of roof is covered with lush vegetation that reduces the overall energy consumption of the residents.

When to fix one’s roof—ASAP. We don’t want more damage to be brought to our roof. From leaks to clogging to major repairs, be Roof repairs it DIY or professional work, these things cannot be left at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Where to buy and where the money goes. Eight metal sheets, this is included in the estimate made by the first roofer. But what will you do if you only need 6—this was the evaluation of the second. Again, an expert roofer won’t make this kind of mistake. Visit your local hardware joint; they may give you an idea on the surface dimensions that will be covered by the 5 and 7 sheets of metal roof. The prices will depend on the negotiations that you and your contractor had. If you are good haggling, use that skill to the test. You might be pleased with the outcome. But don’t be too stingy. When negotiating, don’t use the bluff card. ‘One contractor offered me this rate, this is clearly cheaper than what you’ve offered me!’ Sounds familiar? People do this to lessen the cost. And with this played, you may either win a bargain or lose an expert roofer.

The Why. Be it for home improvement or for plain protection, roof repair is essential. From the defense it gives to the investment it’ll provide, this is certainly something to take seriously. Whatever process you opt for, just make sure that it’ll serve its purpose—protection.

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